Convert YouTube to MP3 @ 320YT

This is 320YT, - the app for everyone who needs to convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio and download the file for safe keeping to device of your choice. Free online app 320YT can help you do just that. All you need is to copy video URL from YouTube app or website. To do that, simply open the video you want and click Share button, then Copy Link option. This will place video URL into your device clipboard. At this point you just need to open our YouTube to MP3 converter at 320YT, then click on the entry form and submit video URL into our converter.

If you don't know how to copy video URL or not really sure what all this URL link business is about, do not worry, we have a YouTube Video Search page, where you can just type in video title, artist name, or general genre, description or any other tags and find the videos to convert and download in MP4 format.

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