YouTube Converter ⋙ 320YT

320YT is a free YouTube Converter app online. Here you can easily search YouTube videos by keywords in the form above, and then resulting videos you can convert to MP3 (audio) or MP4 (video) formats, and download the file safely to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All you need is some key words from video title, or maybe you know who is the artist, search by the name. You can also ask for specific genres or description, like for example "dance videos" or a more specific "shuffle dance compilation". The search will bring about a dozen or two results, if not - refine your keywords or try searching by other tags. Once you have a few results, pick the ones you like, click on the Mp3 or Mp4 converter buttons, and proceed to Download file to your device.

Convert YouTube Video Link

320YT app works with just a link (URL) from YouTube, if you have that. Sometimes YouTube provides too many results and finding yours may proove a hassle. That is why 320YT YouTube converter app will work if you just sumbit a URL of some video or short (video) from the platform. Simply open the video in YouTube app or pull up website in your favorite browser, open the video you want to convert, and copy its link by pressing the Share button. It works identical for both desktop or mobile devices, simply hit Share and then Copy Link, after that navigate to 320YT and paste link into the entry box, hit GO and video will be processed to be converted to MP3. If you like MP4 - head over here and submit link into the form there, then proceed to download video file.